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SectorSurfer: Trend-Following True Sector Rotation Investment Strategies

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SectorSurfer levels the playing field with Wall Street by putting the power of high performance investment algorithms in your hands. SectorSurfer's trend-following True Sector RotationTM Strategies hold only the momentum leader during bull markets, and its StormGuardTM algorithm moves you to the safety of cash during bear markets. Only by owning the trend leader and avoiding the trend laggards can you simultaneously improve returns and reduce risk. SectorSurfer helps you manage self-directed 401(k) and IRA investments without becoming a day-trader — trade alerts are sent just a few times per year when a new trend leader emerges.

We Believe:

• High performance investment software should be for everyone — not just big Wall Street firms.
• Diversification is not a justifiable reason to own poorly performing funds — they hurt your portfolio.
• Great investment advice isn't a fund sorting tool — it's automatically selecting this month's best fund.

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How We Work

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SectorSurfers Say:                                                     (scroll the text)

"I've been an enthusiastic SectorSurfer subscriber since January 2011. This product stands like an oak tree amid a forest of saplings. Over the years I have examined dozens of investment advisory services, but this one is the best by far. I particularly like that I can construct my own personal investment strategies comprised of up to 12 mutual funds, stocks or ETFs of my choice and instantly review back-tested results graphed in easily understood format. Some of my best have even been listed on their strategy Hall of Fame page! As a retired USAF officer, of particular importance is their popular TSP Thrift Savings Plan strategy designed for military/federal employees. SectorSurfer's trend-following methodology and trade alerts have reduced my investing stress to near zero while achieving superior back-tested and real-time performance!"

Les Mosier, Chaplain, LtCol
USAF (Retired) 


"SectorSurfer is great at selecting funds with upward trends and advising me to leave ones that are running out of steam.  It is very satisfying to see my returns beating the market averages month after month after month. It even made my wife's restrictive and excessively diversified government retirement account perform well. This is a great new approach to investing."

Warren Hyland, CEO
AmbienEco Group


"I had no idea which funds to own until I found SectorSurfer. Now I know what to do and when to do it. Most importantly, I know SectorSurfer will look out for me when I'm busy taking care of business."

Kim Cahuas, President
Western Reserve Technology 


"The effort/time you have put into your web site has produced outstanding results. I spend a lot of time on finances, and your web site is the finest I have ever seen. I am an ex-fighter pilot, airline pilot, land developer, and now a full-time trader for the last 10 years."
Joe Schuchter, Full-time trader. 

"Well a week or two ago I finally stopped waiting for the market to go down before I pulled the trigger on the SectorSurfer Fidelity KickAss Strategy. Since then the market has not been as hot but still no big decline. AND yet I notice that the fund recommended by Sector Surfer is doing very well. My GAUD this is really going to work! What was once only an academic understanding of your methods has sunk in. Thank you for doing the hard work.  I look forward to being able to pay you for your service."
Dan Wahl, Design Engineer, "IceCube" South Pole Neutrino Observatory
Physical Sciences Laboratory, University of Wisconsin - Madison

"I used to spend hours each day sorting through funds looking for winners. With SectorSurfer's algorithms doing all the work, I get much better results and have more time in the day for real life."

Chris Feise, Retired Professor Washington State University
Former Director of Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resource 


"I used to be literally afraid to look at my retirement account, but Sector Surfer thankfully keeps track of it for me now and always keeps me in the best funds. It really is amazing and gives great peace of mind!"

Brandon Hulet, Teacher
Snohomish County, Washington

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