Master Strategy-of-Strategies
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A Master Strategy-of Strategies
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Implementation of Our Layered
Strategies Designed  to  Improve
Both Performance and Reliability.


SectorSurfer levels the playing field with Wall Street by putting the power of award winning high performance investment algorithms in your hands. Its True Sector Rotation algorithm holds only the momentum leader during bull markets, and its StormGuard algorithm protects and grows your assets during bear markets. Only by owning the trend leader and avoiding the trend laggards can you simultaneously improve returns and reduce risk.

What is a Strategy-of-Strategies?
While a SectorSurfer Strategy selects the trend leader from among a set of candidates funds or stocks, a Strategy-of-Strategies (SOS) selects the trend leader from among a set of candidates Strategies. Thus, one owns the best performing fund of the best performing Strategy. The primary benefit of an SOS is to make sure that if the strategy you are using falters for any reason, the SOS will automatically switch you to an alternative Strategy that has not faltered. This addresses a problem economists call this selection bias risks: you selected funds based on their past performances and sequences, but they will not play out in exactly the same way in the future. Mark Twain famously said "History does not repeat itself, but it often rhymes."

What is a Master Strategy?

A Master Strategy is one which SumGrowth Strategies creates, maintains, and which cannot be edited by its users. If we edit a Master Strategy (to improve it or maintain it when a fund is discontinued), then your copy in your account will automatically be updated later that same day. In comparison, when you import any other Strategy into your account, it becomes your independent copy that only you can edit and which you alone have the responsibility to maintain. 

Master Strategies — Summary and Underlying Detail

Documentation links to the underlying Strategy-of-Strategies details are found in the table below. Master Strategies are maintained and updated by SumGrowth Strategies and cannot be edited by its users. We will update them when funds go defunct or when we develop new features that everyone would want integrated into their copy. All updates and edits of any kind flow through instantly to copies in user accounts.  When a Strategy is edited, it is no longer identical to the original and its history is re-evaluated to under the new set of funds and conditions and thus may no longer match the former sequence of trades. If you would prefer that the Strategy never change, you must create your own private copy in your account.

   Performance based on 10-year values as of May 2016.
Name & Page Link Chart Ann.Rtn Sharpe Sortino #Strats Begins Cost

Vanguard Master Strategy 19% 2.2 6.9 5  1988
Vanguard Master Strategy 20% 2.4 6.8 12  1988
Vanguard Master Strategy 24% 2.6 9.4 4  1988
Vanguard Master Strategy SOS 22% 2.1 8.2 6  1988
Vanguard Master Strategy 30% 2.1 8.7 12  1988
Vanguard Master Strategy 27% 2.8 7.7 12  1988
Vanguard Master Strategy 26% 1.6 6.7 3 1996
Vanguard Master Strategy 34% 1.5 7.8 4 1996
Vanguard Master Strategy 32% 1.8 7.3 6 1996
Vanguard Master Strategy 45% 1.8 9.5 12 1996
Vanguard Master Strategy 24% 1.6 7.2 12 1996
S.Wilson's Genetic SOS 33% 1.4 9.3 9 1988
Vanguard Master Strategy 41% 1.8 9.5 6 1996
Vanguard Master Strategy 50% 1.8 11.5 7 2004
Vanguard Master Strategy 75% 1.4 12.9 7 2004
Merlyn.AI Strategy 7.4% 1.3 6.2 12 2004
Merlyn.AI Strategy 21% 1.2 9.9 12 2004
Merlyn.AI Strategy 19% 1.3 8.8 12 2004
Merlyn.AI Strategy 21% 1.4 8.7 12 2004
Merlyn.AI Strategy 31% 1.7 13.6 12 2004

Where to Find a Master SOSTM
All Master SOS are designed and maintained by SumGrowth Strategies and are only available for importing into your My Strategies page through the Select-a-Strategy popup window.  Click the icon to open the Select-a-Strategy popup window. In the top-center of the screen you will see a series of checkboxes (as shown to the right). Click the checkbox to "Include Master Strategies," and un-check the others to clear them so only Master SOS are listed.

The partial listing to the right shows the first five Master Strategies: three for ETFs, two for Fidelity funds, and one for Vanguard funds. Each of them indicate they are Premium Strategies with a 2X cost factor - meaning the subscription billing software will count them equivalent to two Premium Strategies. Under the 30-Strategy subscription, the price breaks that occur at both 5 and 15 Strategies are correspondingly honored. Under the 10-Strategy Legacy subscription, you must have 8 or fewer Strategies in your account to import a Master SOS.

Master SOSTM Ticker Symbols
An important  job of a Master SOS that is different from an SOS you personally build, is that it is not sufficient to simply report which Strategy is the trend leader, but must actually drill down and report which ticker symbols are to be bought and sold — because in a Master Strategy scenario, the underlying Strategies are not present for you to examine. (See screen shot below.) Additionally, although the Strategy shows the Ticker-IDs that reference the underlying Strategies, hovering over (or clicking) a Ticker-ID will pop up the ticker symbol of the fund chosen by the underlying Strategy. (See below) The asterisk associated with the Strategy number indicates that it is a reference to a Master Strategy and thus may not be edited. The "Paid 2X" icon indicates it has the value/pricing of two  PAID  Premium Strategies.

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Getting Started:

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