SectorSurfer Referral Program

Help Us Spread The Word, We'll Make It Worth Your While


• Friends don't let friends retire pathetically average! Help them retire well too.

• Our 15% referral commission recognizes your effort in helping others get onboard.

• Many of our subscribers now have referral commission in excess of their subscription fees.

• Go to your Account Information page and find the referral controls at the bottom left. (see below)

• Your default Referral Name is your username, but you can pick something more interesting.

• When your friend subscribes, he has 5 days to designate you as the referrer before the field is
   locked.  Unfortunately we had to do that to limit abuse of the feature. So, make it a priority.

Referral Name

• When your referred friend pays their monthly subscription, you are credited 15% of the amount.

• On your Records page you can see each referral credit and each subscription payment made.

• When it is time for your subscription payment, the charge will first be made against your referral
  credits. If the credits are insufficient, the remainder of your subscription is charged to your card.

• There is no limit to the time you will continue to receive referral commissions from your referees.

• Referral credits cannot be redeemed for cash. They can only offset your own subscription costs.