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• Friends don't let friends retire pathetically average! Help them retire well too.

• Our 15% unlimited referral commission recognizes your effort in helping them start.

• SectorSurfer's approach and results make idle chit-chat at the water cooler more interesting.

• Provide your Referral-Name to your friend, or use your Referral-URL in emails or web links.

• Receive a 15% referral commission on subscription fees paid by customers you referred.

• There is no limit to the number of referred customers you can associate with your account.

• There is no limit to the time you receive referral commissions from your referred customers.

• There is no limit to the total referral commissions you could be paid — no limit at all.

• You only receive referral commissions on your direct referrals, not on your referral's referrals.

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Referral Commission Terms Details

1. Referral commissions are earned at a rate of 15% on the subscription fees paid by others whom you have referred.  There are only two ways to become the referrer of record for a new member: (a) when a prospective member clicks an image or text with your embedded Referral-URL as its hyperlink, the prospective member's browser will be directed to our Web site with your Referral-ID. Our Web page will store your Referral-ID in a cookie on the prospective user's computer for 45 days. If the prospective member subscribes during that period, you will become the referrer of record. During this 45-day period, your Referral-ID will remain dominant to any later referrers, but after 45 days a new Referral-ID cookie may be created by referral links from others; and (b) when you provide your Referral-Name in verbal or printed form to a prospective member and they enter it into the Referral-Name text box in the Sign-Up screen, you will become the referrer of record. If the prospective member does not make use of your Referral-Name or removes it when it auto-fills based on the Referral-ID cookie, it is the policy of SumGrowth Strategies to take the data received from the new member at Sign Up as prima facie evidence of who deserves referral credit. No challenges to this simple rule for assigning the referrer of record will be considered.

2. There is no limit on the number of referrals, cumulative referral commissions, or how long commissions can be earned. So long as you and your referrals are members and maintain valid accounts with SumGrowth Strategies, referral commissions will continue to be earned and paid. The current amount of your accumulated referral commission is shown in the green box to the right of the page title on the My Strategies page. A detailed accounting of paid and cumulative unpaid referral commission can be found on the Records page.

3. Referral commissions are determined nightly, offset subscription fees, and the excess is paid quarterly. Any time one of the members you have referred pays a subscription fee, your referral commission credits are instantly increased by 15% of the net subscription receipts collected (gross receipts less transaction fees, cancellations, and prior credit reversals.) Your referral commission credits are automatically applied to your own subscription billing amount to reduce or possibly eliminate any subscription charge to your card. You referral commission activity and current balanced can be viewed on the Records page at any time. Referral commission checks will be written quarterly to those who having a referral commission balance of more than $50 in excess of their next expected subscription payment provided such a request has been made and that a mailing address has been provided.

4. A 1099 Misc. reporting form is required if referral commissions exceed $600 in a calendar year. When your referral commissions for a calendar year exceed $600, we must ask you to provide taxpayer identification to SumGrowth Strategies so that we may file the required 1099 Misc. document with the IRS at year end. We will inform you if and when this may be required. If a 1099 Misc. document is required and we do not have your taxpayer information, we must withhold further referral commission payments until either the information is provided or the start of the next calendar year. 

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