Email Referral Charts

Make Sure They Get The Picture, It's Better Than Words

The best way to convey SectorSurfer Strategy performance to a friend is to send the Strategy chart.  Follow these steps:

 1. If you are a SectorSurfer member, first log in so that your return email address and your Referral-URL information will auto-fill.

 2. Click the button on a chart from the My Strategies or Example Strategies pages, or from a chart listed below.

 3. A Web page will open showing an email template with the chart image, a message, your email address, and Referral-URL.

 4. Edit the text according to the specific message your want to convey.  

 5. Click the and your chart email will be on the way.

The FREE Strategies in the table below may be fully used by anyone absolutely FREE of charge. These Strategies include two primary types: (a) basic asset class Strategies (stocks, bonds, and cash), and (b) basic conservative financial Strategies (bonds, mortgage securities, and treasuries).  These are just a few of the FREE Strategies that are available.

     Example FREE Strategies  (click thumbnail to open chart)
SectorSurfer Chart: Fidelity - Income, Bond
Fidelity - Income, Bond
SectorSurfer Chart: Vanguard - Income, Bond
Vanguard - Income, Bond
SectorSurfer Chart: Columbia - Asset Class
Columbia - Asset Class
SectorSurfer Chart: American Funds - Asset Class
American Funds - Asset Class
SectorSurfer Chart: BlackRock - Asset Class
BlackRock - Asset Class
SectorSurfer Chart: Fidelity - Asset Class
Fidelity - Asset Class
SectorSurfer Chart: Vanguard - Asset Class
Vanguard - Asset Class
SectorSurfer Chart: Dreyfus - Asset Class
Dreyfus - Asset Class
SectorSurfer Chart: Franklin - Asset Class
Franklin - Asset Class
SectorSurfer Chart: T. Rowe Price - Asset Class
T. Rowe Price - Asset Class
SectorSurfer Chart: Fidelity - 529 College Fund
Fidelity - 529 College Fund
SectorSurfer Chart: Vanguard - 529 College Fund
Vanguard - 529 College Fund
SectorSurfer Chart: Janus - Asset Class
Janus - Asset Class
SectorSurfer Chart: Oppenheimer - Asset Class
Oppenheimer - Asset Class
SectorSurfer Chart: Van Kampen - Asset Class
Van Kampen - Asset Class

Premium Strategies were specifically designed to contain either diverse asset classes, focused market sectors, world countries/regions, or a mixed combination of these so that SectorSurfer's algorithms have the best opportunity to select the trend setters for your portfolio. The Premium Strategies in the table below have premium performance relative to the FREE Strategies above. Anyone may freely evaluate these 90-day-old charts for these Strategies at any time, but to view current charts and receive email trade alert notification requires payment of a small monthly subscription fee.

     Example Premium Strategies  (click thumbnail to open chart)
SectorSurfer Chart: Fidelity - US Diversified
Fidelity - US Diversified
SectorSurfer Chart: Vanguard - US Diversified
Vanguard - US Diversified
SectorSurfer Chart: Janus - US Diversified
Janus - US Diversified
SectorSurfer Chart: Janus - Mixed
Janus - Mixed
SectorSurfer Chart: Green and Clean
Green and Clean
SectorSurfer Chart:  Fidelity - International
Fidelity - International
SectorSurfer Chart: Vanguard - Mixed Funds
Vanguard - Mixed Funds
SectorSurfer Chart: DWS Scudder - International
DWS Scudder - International
SectorSurfer Chart: Franklin - Mixed
Franklin - Mixed
SectorSurfer Chart: ETF Countries-1
ETF Countries-1
SectorSurfer Chart: Fidelity - Sector Rotation
Fidelity - Sector Rotation
SectorSurfer Chart: Vanguard - Sectors
Vanguard - Sectors
SectorSurfer Chart: BlackRock - Sectors
BlackRock - Sectors
SectorSurfer Chart: Columbia - Mixed
Columbia - Mixed
SectorSurfer Chart: ETF iShares Sectors
ETF iShares Sectors
SectorSurfer Chart: Fidelity - High Income-Bond
Fidelity - High Income-Bond
SectorSurfer Chart: Invesco - Sectors
Invesco - Sectors
SectorSurfer Chart: Rydex - Sectors
Rydex - Sectors
SectorSurfer Chart: DWS Scudder - Mixed
DWS Scudder - Mixed
SectorSurfer Chart: ETF Power Mix Sector Funds Strategy
ETF Power Mix